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Loading Towers

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A UKSSH LOADING TOWER reduces erection time by a remarkable 80% compared to tube and fittings.

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Product Features:
  • HAKI Loading Towers can save 85% of the time it takes to build a tube and fitting tower.
  • UK System Scaffold Hire’s innovative gate mechanism also greatly reduces the risk of the gate being damaged.
  • Incorporates the unique Advanced Guard Rail technique at no extra cost.
  • Adaptable - can be used alongside any type of scaffold.
  • Available in 2m, 1.5m and 1m lifts.
  • Strong and robust.
  • Provides a totally safe work environment.
  • TG20 compliant loading tower.
  • Only 4 legs, therefore very quick to erect, dismantle and reposition.
  • Multi-level platforms available.
Loading Towers


The standard method of producing a loading tower in traditional tube and fittings can justifiably be described as probably the most complex – and time consuming - scaffolding structure on site.

UKSSH has developed and refined a system scaffold solution that removes the need for a scaffold design and reduces the erection time by a remarkable 80%.

Realising the number of issues and hidden costs involved with traditional loading towers, UK System Scaffold Hire has developed and refined a system scaffold solution that:

  • Removes the need for a scaffold design
  • Reduces erection time by a remarkable 80%
  • Reduces the time spent on safety inspections.

The crux of all these savings is the remarkably few components required to build a loading tower using Haki Universal compared to tube and fittings.

On a single lift, a tube and fitting loading tower uses no fewer than 144 fittings – that’s 144 fittings that have to be secured and then safety checked at least once a week.

By comparison the UK System Scaffold solution has no fittings: That contributes to a single lift being erected in just 15 minutes – compared to 90 minutes using tube and fittings. That’s SIX TIMES quicker.

The simplicity also explains how the UKSSH solution removes the need for a scaffold design: Loading towers are a designed scaffold and must be erected in accordance with a T20 drawing - UKSSH towers are fully systemised, have a generic design and can only be erected one way – correctly.

UKSSH Loading Towers require no individual design. Users can be confident that every UKSSH Loading tower meets, indeed exceeds, the requirements of TG20 and SG4:15.

The UKSSH Loading Tower is also as durable and versatile as it is quick and economical, achieving high loads (a known load capacity up to 7.5 tonnes), coping easily with various lift heights, working alongside any working scaffold structure and accommodating most gate systems.