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Loading Towers

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How much time and money can UK System Scaffold Hire save you every time you build one?

Building loading towers using tube and fittings is time consuming and costly to build - not to mention the fact the gates are prone to damage, which in turn poses health and safety issues.

HAKI Loading Towers are designed to deliver a safer, faster, more economical and more versatile solution and with UK System Scaffold Hire’s unique, simpler loading gate it is more robust than ever.

  • quick to erect and incorporating the unique Advanced Guard Rail technique at no extra cost, HAKI Loading Towers can save 85% of the time it takes to build a tube and fitting tower.

  • UK System Scaffold Hire’s innovative gate mechanism also greatly reduces the risk of the gate being damaged.

  • adaptable and can be used alongside any type of scaffold

  • available in 2m, 1.5m and 1m lifts

  • strong and robust

  • provides a totally safe work environment

  • TG20 compliant loading tower.

  • only 4 legs, therefore very quick to erect, dismantle and reposition.

  • strong and robust - not subject to fork lift abuse.

  • multi-level platforms available.