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Weather Protection: Kyle of Lochalsh

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It may be a beautiful part of the world, but the West Coast of Scotland can provide unique challenges when you have a prestigious building project to complete: It can be one of the wettest places in Europe with annual rainfall nearing 180 inches a year and can experience gale force winds for 30 days a year.

To keep projects on track, creating a controlled work environment is essential – and having a temporary building that you can trust to withstand the very worst that the Scottish weather can throw at it is of paramount importance.

McDonald Scaffolding Services of Invergordon specialise in building projects in the Scottish Highlands and – despite the challenges that the weather can create – are proud of their record of delivering projects on time and on budget, as Steve Strang at McDonald Scaffolding Services explains: “We are proud to put our efforts into realising projects and outcomes in which our customers and ourselves can take pride. That’s why we plan meticulously and collaborate closely with our clients and suppliers, focussing our collective energy into projects that end in successful outcomes. “Choosing a temporary building on price alone ignores considerations relating to adaptability (we are effectively building a building within a building), functionality (allowing the roof to be opened to allow materials to be craned in, and then closed again in minutes), not to mention the crucial question of whether it is waterproof (a critical requirement to ensure that work can continue uninterrupted and materials are not spoilt). That’s why we chose to work with Haki specialists UKSSH and use the Haki temporary building and roof system. We are particularly impressed with the speed and ease with which the roof can be opened and closed to crane in materials.”

For their project on the Kyle of Lochalsh, where tight project deadlines were also a consideration, working with UKSSH was the obvious choice, not least because of their ability to demonstrate how Haki is the most weatherproof system available: Hakitec’s offset beam and track joints ensure a robust and watertight seal, holding the lightweight but ultra-durable PVC coated polyester fabric firmly in place. The Haki system has the additional advantage that its sturdy yet remarkably open superstructure provides a clutter free work environment.

Gary Griffiths, MD of UK System Scaffold Hire comments: “For prestigious projects where quality is the prime consideration, distance is really no object: we’re proud to say that UKSSH has a nationwide reputation in the industry and clients appreciate the expertise that we can bring to major schemes”.


Download the case study here.