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HAKI Systems: Circular Tank

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One of the many misconceptions of system scaffold is that its benefits are only enjoyed when straight lines are involved: UKSSH worked with Rapid Scaffolding to explode the myth!

Faced with the challenge of putting scaffold around a 48 metre circular tank, UKSSH demonstrated that Haki Universal was the perfect solution, without the need for special or additional components. In fact, the HAKI Universal scaffolding system delivers some unique benefits when used for more complex circular scaffolds

Firstly, HAKI has engineered a 7° tolerance into its pockets. This enables horizontal components to be turned 7° relative to the standard, as permitted by the HAKI ‘hook-on’ method of erection. The scaffold can therefore be rotated by up to 14° on plan at each standard to create a circular structure.

Then a radial plate is available for unusual bay sizes, to cover any gaps between towers.

The UKSSH solution delivered time and cost savings compared to using tube and fittings, enabling the entire structure to be erected with systemized components without need for tube and fittings for handrails and infills.

In addition, circular scaffolds using HAKI Universal are erected in the same way as all HAKI solutions – with Advanced Guard Rails – to provide optimum collective fall protection.

Like all UKSSH solutions, steel or aluminium decks can be used to enhance safety when working at height. However, if traditional scaffold boards are preferred, these are also compatible.


Download the case study here.