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Temporary Roof: Bradfield College

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H and H Contract Scaffolding and UKSSH Pass Geometry Test at Bradfield College

Faced with designing a temporary roof to cover a building with tall, ornate chimney stacks, H and H Contract Scaffolding and UKSSH knew that a polygonal design would pass the test.

Founded in 1850 amid unspoilt Berkshire countryside, Bradfield College enjoys a reputation for being one of the country’s leading co-educational, independent schools.

The College also has an architectural heritage that befits its academic record: Parts of the building were in all probability designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott – one of the foremost and most prolific architects of the Victorian era. Scott was an English Gothic revivalist architect, probably best known for the Albert Memorial and the St Pancras Hotel, so it is perhaps no surprise that the school features tall, ornate chimney stacks that look stunning, but pose their own unique challenges when planning to build a temporary roof to protect the listed building while extensive refurbishments are taking place.

An additional challenge for the project was the restricted access area that prevented using a crane: UKSSH demonstrated the roof roll-out method which enabled the roof to be built from a safe working platform, using full collective fall prevention methods, and then rolled into position.

At the end of the project it also made dismantling the roof much easier while also minimising the risk of inadvertently damaging the newly refurbished roof.

Having seen UKSSH’s portfolio of similar projects, Andy Thomas of H and H Contract Scaffolding knew that a collaboration to design and build an asymmetric polygonal temporary roof would optimise the working area beneath the temporary roof, minimise the amount of scaffolding required and significantly reduce the weight of the roof.

Andy Thomas says that this was yet another project where involving UKSSH from the earliest stages of a project helped to deliver benefits all round: “Collaborating with the team at UKSSH helped us to refine the scaffold design to optimise its performance, while minimising the number of components, thus achieving significant cost savings on the project.

“As ever, UKSSH were proactive every step of the way – they even built the temporary roof in their yard to overcome any potential snags prior to supplying it to site.”




Download the case study here.