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Suspended Scaffold: M4

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There are many projects where UK System Scaffold Hire’s involvement is “simply” to supplement a customer’s existing stocks. While UKSSH can’t claim credit for the design or problem solving on these projects they do shine a light on some other core values that sets UKSSH apart.

It places an emphasis on UK System Scaffold Hire’s commitment to accurate and on-time deliveries and to its commitment to ensuring that every component is in excellent condition when it leaves our yards: There is nothing more frustrating - or costly - than to have got all of your own equipment on site, only to be left hanging around waiting for additional equipment to arrive from a hire company!

Also, the fact UKSSH only supply genuine Haki components is important for peace of mind, important for safety and important if you want to meet the highest compliance requirements. Every component that carries the Haki name has been designed to deliver maximum safety and productivity, has been manufactured from the very best materials and tested to ensure its integrity.

With these facts in mind, UKSSH was proud to play its own small part in a magnificent example of innovative engineering and cooperation when the Bray Bridge was widened.

The widening of the Thames Bridge at Bray was one of the most complex pieces of work involved in the upgrade of the M4 to a smart motorway. Since the existing bridge already carried Britain’s busiest motorway, a long-term closure and re-build was out of the question. The highly innovative solution to the challenge was to build the extended bridge elements on a nearby site and then assemble them over a single weekend to accommodate the extra lanes required for the four running lanes on each side of a smart motorway. 

Bristol-based TR Scaffolding’s contribution was integral to the success of the project: While craning three huge beams on to newly constructed bridge supports provided the main photo opportunity, to the initiated, TR Scaffolding’s suspended scaffold was equally spectacular and enabled the newly positioned beams to be connected to the existing bridge by structural bracing.

To take a look at a two-minute visualisation of the procedure.




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