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Public Stairs: Arnside

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When it comes to Public Stair Towers, speed and ease of use are benefits that should be enjoyed by scaffold contractors and the public alike.

The benefits of using the most appropriate solutions for scaffolding projects tend to have a positive impact every step of the way.

When Standard Scaffolding Specialists of Bolton were tasked by Main Contractor Stobart Rail with building a temporary footbridge at Arnside Train Station in Cumbria, they turned to Neil Harrison of Scafdac Ltd to provide the design.

Standard Scaffolding Specialists chose to build the bridge using their existing stocks, but asked Neil to incorporate HAKI Public Stairs in the design.

Past experience with HAKI products meant Neil was fully conversant with the design advantages of the HAKI Public Staircase, including the benefits that it is designed in full compliance with Building Regulations and that it can deliver safe working loads up to 7.5kn m2. 

Far fewer components meant that the scaffolding team who erected the staircase did so in well under half the time that would have been taken had they built it using tube and fittings.

… and because Standard Scaffolding Specialists decided to hire their HAKI Public Access Staircase from UK System Scaffold Hire, they were confident that all components supplied were genuine HAKI, in pristine condition and featured non slip GRP to landings and stair treads, with yellow and white bullnose strips to meet Network Rail Regulations. 

As for the public, the biggest complIment is that most never thought twice about the engineered solution that they were using: DDA compliant, child safe, adjustable handrails, ergonomically designed components and unique tamper proof locking devices helped ensure maximum safety and minimum disruption.



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