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Stair Tower: Finsbury Park

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If scaffolding is 1% off vertical the structure is weakened by 10%. It’s a sobering thought, even more so when you are building a stair tower to a height of 108 meters.

At that height, having genuine, precision engineered components is critical – not just to ensure that the scaffold is true to the vertical but to have confidence that every pocket is capable of supporting the weight of the staircase.

That’s why UKSSH will only supply genuine HAKI components:

Using standard HAKI components, UKSSH supply stair towers that are the safe solution to meeting working at height regulations. Their all steel construction makes them robust enough for even the toughest jobs while the precision-made components guarantee easy assembly. In fact, a HAKI Stair Tower is so quick and easy to erect and dismantle, that contractors can save at least 50% on labour costs every time they use it.

By making access and egress quicker and safer, the Stair Towers significantly increase worker productivity. They are an economical solution as they can be used alongside tube and fittings and all scaffold systems.

Safety is of paramount importance and HAKI Stair Towers have a totally safe and fast system of erection thanks to the unique HAKI Erect Ahead Method. The standard four-leg construction also provides a superior load capacity compared to other systems. Non-slip treads and landings and a full toe board system further increase safety and productivity.

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